Hi, my name is Guy Avizmil

Born in 1990 (well, do the math yourself?)

A father to a gorgeous girl, a user experience and user interface designer and love my occupation of choice to death! I am extremely autodidactic, successfully finished two UX\UI and Interface Design courses at Netcraft Academy, but the rest of my knowledge I acquired while working in the field. I just enjoy learning and researching more and more so much.

From the world of digital marketing to the world of user experience

During the three years I worked as a creative manager I really enjoyed the campaigns and the creative work, but then came a phase where I reached a turning point. One day I asked myself what do I really want to do? The answer was, I want to influence people’s lives for the better and help them grow their business. When I realized I’m not positioned at the right place for me, I got up and left. Marketing and campaign designing allowed me to touch people’s hearts for short periods of time- but after the campaign goes down, all is forgotten. The world of website and user experience design on the other hand, allows me to go through a process with people for years, and that is exactly how I want to work.

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